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Monetize a Small Blog
Monetize a Small Blog

Is it possible to monetize a small blog? One of the many questions I have seen new bloggers ask is ”Can I monetize my blog with 150 visitors per month?”

Well, I may have an answer for you. I would say yes base on my experience with a Google Adsense partnered company.

However, you may not earn as much with that amount of traffic. Nonetheless, it is worth testing if you are like me.

So, based on a couple of data that I am about to show you, you can increase your earning by 600% in a short time.

It does not matter what your niche is as long as you adhere to their policy and have a less 5,000 – 10,000 page views per month you can get approved.

So what is the ads company I am talking about? Well, its called Ezoic.

What is Ezoic and How Can it Help You Earn More

Ezoic is a certified  Google Ad partner that has been around for a few years now. Their main objective is to help small and large bloggers earn more from thier websites with the help of an A.I (Artificial Intelligence) software.

When you just signed up and get approved you will be assigned to an account manager. So, what is the purpose of an account manager? Well, he or she will assist you along the way with the process of setting up ad settings, plugins, and all the necessary tools you’ll need to start earning with Ezoic.

My personal account manager is always available to answer any question or concern that I have. However, it is not real-time but you won’t have to wait very long.

Most likely, there is always an answer for your every need when it comes to Ezoic support.

So again they claim to improve your ad revenue over time. Normally it will take 3 months for the AI to fully understand your website visitors and give you the best-earning results.

I personally have seen these results first hand when I started using the Ezoic platform. When I just started with one of my other blogs that got 150 – 200 visitors per day, I had an 0.25 EPMV (Earnings Per Thousand Visitors).

Monetize a Small Blog With Ezoic
Monetize a Small Blog With Ezoic

A few days later my EPMV when up 300% averaging an EPMV of 1.30. Afterward, a few more days passed and I am now averaging and EMPV of 1.76. That is a 700% increase base on what my account manager updates me on.

So as you can see, may EPMV keeps going up with a small number of visitors to my blog. Also, if you look closely at the image below, you can see that there are some fluctuations with the earnings and EPMV.

Monetize With Ezoic
Monetize With Ezoic

If you are interested in Ezoic, you can sign up with my referral link and I will earn 3% of your earnings at no cost to you.

Ezoic Payment Methods

Ezoic always pays on a net 30 days basis. I had other sites on running on Ezoic for a few months and they never delay or let down when it comes to payments.

When you reached a threshold of 20 dollars you can cash out your payments Via Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank Wire. However, for Bank Wire, you will need to have at least $500 dollars to withdraw Via Bank wire.

Monetizing A Small Blog With A Few Visitors Per Month

So if you are still asking how to monetize a small blog with a hand full of visitors. Then I hope you have an idea of how it works.

Remember, when you are monetizing a small blog with just a handful of readers do expect to earn hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

It all depends on your niche, for example, if you are the entertainment niche industry, you won’t make bank with just a few readers per day.

For niches such as Finance, Loans, Law, Health, and Fitness a few hundred visitors might earn you some money because they’re all competitive niches.

So, what happens when you have all these competitive niche sites? Well, for one it’s very hard to rank, even for long-tail keywords. And, since they are so many demands in all these niche sites with high traffic volume, the CPC (Cost Per Click)¬† will be high. For example if you create a blog around finance and monetize it, one click of ad could earn up to $17 dollars.

So what happened when you have a high CPC in Google plus you rank well on the first page? This only means you are more likely to earn more form your ad revenue and EPMV.

Monetize A Small Blog With Ezoic

Now, as you can see in the image below, my blog is not earning a lot of money just a few cents per day. However, if I should keep Ezoic running on my blog for at least 3 months, I should see an increase in revenue.

This is the first time I am running ads on my blog. I never used Google Adsense on it only Ezoic that why my EPMV started at 0.25 cents. However, I know it would have been a lot worse with Adsense.

Keep in mind, monetizing a small blog with a few readers per day and some Google search clicks can be exciting for some people who just start blogging. I remembered when I earned my first dollar online, I felt like a million buck back then it was a great feeling.

Nonetheless, for others, it might be depressing and your motivation and drive could drop. However, for someone like me who loves to test things like this is knowledge. (trials and errors)

It becomes a learning experience for me. this is how I compile and analyze data to get the result and answers I need.


Anyways, earning a few bucks per month can add up and help you and your website stay online. Remember, with Ezoic you can cash out your earns once you have reached the threshold of $20 dollars.

Benefits Of Monetizing A Small Blog

  • One of the main benefits of monetizing a small blog is that you could use an extra buck to help with the domain renewal and hosting cost if you on a budget.
  • Get an estimate idea of CPC (Cost Per Click) value if your niche is not common
  • Test the value of your traffic quality
  • Have an idea of which content and keywords generate the most revenue so you can create more content on those particular keywords.

Disadvantage Of Monetizing A Small Blog Soon

  • One of the main disadvantages of Monetizing a small blog soon is that it could be bad for user experience.
  • Your blog will slow down dramatically, meaning your blog will take longer to load when someone visits.

So if you see my recent post about my 20 days blog challenge you will know that I am working to grow this blog up to 1000 visitors per day.

However, I will not run any ads on this blog until I reach my goal of 1000 visitors per day. Now, if you have a small site with a few hundred readers you can monetize it and see where it goes for you.


Overall, it has only been a week and a half so far since I started to used Ezoic to monetize a small blog that I have and the results are quite interesting.

Nonetheless, its better to create great content and grow your blog traffic to 30,000 – 60,000 page views per month before you start to think about monetization.

However, if you want to start early and see how it goes, then you should try Ezoic. Ezoic will approve site/blog with low medium traffic.

Written by Gregory

Hi welcome, my name is Gregory and I love to blog about stuff that I find interesting and helpful so I can share them with you. If you want to reach out, just shoot me an email. Cheers!

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