How To Survive Every Google Algorithm Update (Helpful Tips)

Google Algorithm Update
Google Algorithm Update

Google algorithm updates are inevitable nowadays, I am very positive that a Google algorithm update has affected your online website some way.

Whether it’s traffic lost or your ranking as dropped, we’ve all been affected one way are the other when Google does its updates.

It can be frustrating at times to see all your hard work and patience thrown out the window with one Google algorithm update.

However, not all businesses suffer from an algorithm update. In fact, some online businesses thrive when there is an algorithm update.

Typically your loss is someone else gains, the sad thing about it is that they probably not even work as hard for it.

Surviving a Google Algorithm Update

Here’s how you make the right assessment to your business so that it survives every algorithm updates that Google throws at it?

I will provide five (4) helpful tactics that will save you a lot of stress when an algorithm comes around.

If you follow all these steps listed below, you will be more than ready for the next algorithm update form Google.


Here are some Helpful Tips To Survive a Google Algorithm Update:

1). Focus On One Project

If you managing multiple websites at the same time, it can be difficult to maintain them all at once. Instead, you wanna put all our focus on one project first so that you can find your key audience.

You don’t wanna put all your eggs in one basket though. Sure, it’s great that you are building up your brands but in the long run, doing them all at once won’t provide quality content Google’s algorithm wants.

If you have a lot of money to spend on paid articles, that is fine. However, is hard to have a good quality website or blog when you don’t have the time to put in quality work.

Remember, content is king yes, however, having a lot of content that is not useful to your audience is a red flag.

When you spend quality time to assess and formulate valuable content, it will help you out in the long run. For example thin content that only has 300 to 400 words.

So when the next algorithm update comes along, you have nothing to worry about.

2). BlackHat Linking Building 

Anything that has to do with tons of low-quality backlinks like Web2.0’s or Traffic Automation etc. You should stay away from all these things.

Don’t buy 500,000 tired 2 backlinks from Fiverr or any other platform that provides links for sale. In the long rung when there is a Google algorithm update your site will tank.

I see a lot of new newbies doing this on Fiverr but in the long run, it will not help them.

The only person benefiting for that scenario is the seller and he is only there to make a quick buck.

In the short run, other people may use them and get results. However, with all these frequent algorithm updates, Google does not forgive and forget.

So don’t take any short cuts, these short cuts will hurt your business in the long run.


Well, because it is so much harder to recover for a Google algorithm update than to do things right the first time.

3). Provide Helpful Content

When you are creating content, you are not doing it for the algorithm, you are doing to provide helpful information to humans.

It is not about pleasing Google bots nor Facebook or Twitter, it’s all about pleasing a real living human like you and me.

Google wants to give the best experience to humans that provide great expertise info to other humans.

Every successful website or blog online provides some sort of valuable information to its user.

If you have bots as the main users on your website, it cannot succeed because they cannot make purchases nor interact with your content as a real human would.

Having real active humans on your website helps Google evaluate and rank your site better in the search results base on real human interactions.

When there is a Google algorithm update your website won’t be affected because you have real humans on your website and not bots or fake bot traffic.

Also having people engaging through comments on your website or blog send a good signal to Google about the website.

The more engagement you create, the more protection you have in the long run.

4). Test New Content Formats 

Everyone these days copies each other blueprint content structure and apply it to their own business.

This is one of the reasons why most niches nowadays have some much competition.

Everyone stick to the same routine and hard think outside the box.

What I am really saying is, don’t rely on what is working now when it comes to content creation.

It won’t always work in the future. Just like buying or backlinks stuffing keywords in your post. Back in the day, it was easy to rank will millions of low-quality backlinks and keyword stuffing.

Now, in today’s SEO world, those tactics don’t work anymore.

What you need to do is create content in a variety of the version, like youtube videos, podcasting, audiobooks.

So when there is a Google algorithm update you don’t have to worry about being negatively impacted by Google’s SEO changes.

However, just because everyone is doing one type of thing, yes it usually means it works now but eventually it will get saturated and won’t work as well.

So don’t just ride or jump on the bandwagon like everyone else, look for unique strategies that other people or not leveraging yet so you can have an edge.


One of the number one factors that affect most online businesses when there is a Google algorithm update is building bad backlinks.

It is better to write quality content and promote them on many different social media platforms than to buy a ton of bad backlinks that will hurt your business in the long run.

It’s ideal to nowadays to have your content transcribe onto many different platforms for distribution to help out with your brand and reputation.

What are some other ways in which we all can protect ourselves from another Google algorithm update?

Let me know down in the comment section. Also, if you reached this far and find this post useful share it on your social media platforms, I would appreciate it.

Written by Gregory

Hi welcome, my name is Gregory and I love to blog about stuff that I find interesting and helpful so I can share them with you. If you want to reach out, just shoot me an email. Cheers!

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