8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Rankings and Traffic

8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins
8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Do you have a WordPress based website or blog? If so then here are 8 must-have WordPress plugins you need for ranking and traffic.

If you are someone like me that runs a WordPress website, it can be frustrating at times to know which plugin is the best for your blog or business.

However, don’t worry too much because you have come to the right place. You don’t need 30 WordPress plugins to help assist your website or blog with ranking and traffic.

All you need is a few handfuls of plugins that will be essential to your online business.

When I was just starting out with my first new WordPress blog, I had a ton of plugins installed. All these plugins did was slow down my website and cased major internal errors.

I was getting a ton of emails errors from Google Console that I need to fix on a weekly bases, as well as updates of other plugins.

Those plugin error issues were not beneficial to me nor my website back in the day. However, I have learned a lot since then and would love to share my experience with you.

List Of 8 Must-Have WordPress Plugins For Ranking

  1. Smush Image Compression and Optimization
  2. W3 Total Cache
  3. Really Simple SSL
  4. SEO Yoast
  5. AMP
  6. Sucuri
  7. A3 Lazy Load
  8. All in One Schema Rich Snippet

These are some of the most relevant ideal factors Google looks into when ranking your website or blog high in the search results, these include but are not limited to:

List Of A Few Simple Google Ranking Factor 

  • On-page SEO (Mention the keyword that you are targeting in your post)
  • Mobile Friendliness ( Ensure that the WordPress theme you are using can adjust to all screen size)
  • Structured Data Markup (This can be easily resolved with a plugin)
  • Interlinking (For each blog post or article that is written, ensure you link to other pages on your blog)
  • User Experience (Ensure that your website or blog is easily accessible)
  • Site Speed ( Ensure that all your pages on your blog load quickly, ideally under 3 second)

There are hundreds of other factors that come in to play, however, you should focus on these few if you have a new website or blog.


This plugin is ideal for content creation that has a lot of images. What this plugin does it enhance the quality of the image you upload while minimizing the size of the image.

For example, if you upload an image of 2GB Smush will compress the size of the 2GB image down to 700kb.

So this factor into saving some strain on your hosting server while making the load time on your webpage much faster.

W3 Total Cache

With the W3 Total Cache plugin, it makes to load time of your website faster. Especially on mobile devices because most people are using thier mobile devices nowadays.

Also, remember that speed is a major ranking factor in Google, so you would want to have the fastest loading time ever. Ideally below 3 seconds.

This W3 Cache plugin will also help you to connect with (Content Delivery Network) CDN and makes matter use of your server resources.

This main that your server doesn’t have to push the load time for visitors with different internet speeds. However, it saves the website likes an image so it can load out and deliver your content as quickly as possible.

Really Simple SSL

Back in the day, about 6 years ago, SSL was not that necessary or needed for a website. However, recently it has become mandatory for all websites if you want to rank high in Google.

SSL can be provided by your Hosting or even by your domain registrar. It does not have to be a plugin but something that is crucial to your website, especially if you are in the e-commerce business.

Without an SSL certificate when users or visitors come onto your page, they will be prompted with a warning page telling them that the website is not secured.

That scenario will cause people to bounce off and leave your website because it not secured.

Also, in the long run, that will drop your ranking like a rock from the sky. We sure don’t want that right?

So the bottom line is that SSL is essential for your online business no matter what it may be.

A secured website is a trusted website in Google’s eyes.

SEO Yoast 

This WordPress plugin is one of the top 8 must-have WordPress plugins that are critical to a website

. SEO Yoast basically does everything thing for you especially when it comes down to SEO.

Seo Yoast helps to guide you on areas of the website that are crucial for SEO. It takes care of your Meta Tags, On-page  Optimization, Title Tags, and also analyzes your content writing to let you know if you are doing a good job.

Not to mention it creates sitemaps for your website and helps out with structured markups that are critical in today’s SEO world.

This Yoast plugin those pretty much most of what you need to ensure that your WordPress website is SEO friendly.

There are a lot more plugins out there like the SEO Yoast. However, this plugin is used by millions of people that provide adequate service.


AMP is not liked by a lot of users however it has its advantages for the websites that are mobile-based.

So if you want to rank high in Google news, you wanna make sure that your website has the AMP plugin installed. AMP will definitely get you into Google News featured snippet.

This WordPress plugin also helps with speed and the loading time of your website. It is also a Google recommendation plugin that everyone should adapt to.


When it comes to online security Sucuri one of the best WordPress plugins to have for security. There or thousands of sites that are hacked daily and you don’t want to become one of the people.

Sucuri is an ideal and sophisticated firewall plugin that helps your website for getting hacked. this plugin may not be perfect, however, it is definitely better than nothing at all.

A3 Lazy Load

The A3 Lazy Load is ideal for a website that used a lot of images as a portrait website. Sometimes even with compressed images on your site still take time for your page load quickly.

The purpose of this plugin is to load any image on your website as someone scroll by. Meaning the image won’t load unless someone scrolls up or down by it.

A3 Lazy Load helps with the speed of your website and the train on the server so you would have a faster load time.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets 

If you really want to improve your Google ranking visibility by showing rich snippets between the page title, then this plugin is a must-have.

So with Schema Rich Snippet, it is used by Google to show a brief answer in the search results. However, don’t try to manipulate this feature if your content is not relevant to the search.

It will affect your overall site ranking in the long run.


If you are serious about getting ranked on Google, using these 8 Plugins overtime, you will find that your ranking will keep going up.

There are many other plugins that are similar to those mention above. However, these are the ones that are ideal with the best reputation.

Also, if you are starting a new website online make sure you have all these plugins installed for day one. It will help you in the long run and in the SEO word to rank high in Google.

These are my 8 must-have WordPress plugins to have for ranking and Google traffic.

Written by Gregory

Hi welcome, my name is Gregory and I love to blog about stuff that I find interesting and helpful so I can share them with you. If you want to reach out, just shoot me an email. Cheers!

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