If you are on a budget and you need cheap hosting, then this 1 dollar web hosting service is for you.

I know a lot of people want to start a blog of their own but do not have the funds to make it happen.

Everything we do in life takes money, that is why we work to have that money to finance our needs.

Money is essential to our needs and wants, that is why we go to school to get an education because at the end of the day, to have money is what we study for.

Also when it comes to starting a blog, it can be quite costly if you are not on a budget. Things like, Domain Renewal and Hosting Renewal (whether yearly or monthly) are two of the main things that will cost you.

However, I can treasure you that when it comes to hosting a website online today, it can only cost 1 dollar out of your pocket. There is no sketch, no hidden fees nor price gouge when it comes to this hosting company.

Cheap Web Hosting Service 

This hosting website is called dollar host.club They offer a 1 dollar hosting service that can almost match the same premium features that Bule Host and Host Gater provide.

So, if you don’t know about dollarhhost.club they have been around for many years now and I personally have been with them for a year. I have no prior issues with them during those times.

They offer premium hosting services for the price of 1 dollar. So if you are on a budget, they can help you out with a cheap 1 dollar web hosting service.

This is not one of those fake hosting websites that have a lot of ads with limited services.


So if you want to signup to Dollarhost.club click here to get started right away.

Unlimited Web Hosting With Dollarhost.club

When it comes to unlimited web hosting, Dollarhost.club can provide topnotch service form 1 dollar up to 5 dollars base on the feature and space required.

What You Get For Their 1 Dollar Web Hosting Service 
Unlimited Traffic and Storage
Lightspeed Web Server Plus MariaDB
Free Unlimited SSL Certificate (This is mandatory for all domains)
SSD Acceleration
Self Service Backup/Restore
USA Based Server and Support
45 Day Money Back Guaranteed
Pure SSD Storage (RAID 10)
Cloudflare Railgun
MariaDB Server

These are some of the awesome features of dollarhost.club they have some features like free SSL certificate which you have to pay for on other hosting services. Some of the listed features above are included in their Turbo plan which is only 3 dollars per month.

1 Dollar Hosting Service Plan 

So for just 1 dollar per month will get all these features at a very low price if you are on a budget with premium service.

These features include: 

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Email
LiteSpeed Web Server
Unlimited Free SSL Web Certificate

This is not bad considering you are only paying 1 dollar per month for all these premium features. Some web hosting companies will not give you unlimited traffic and storage for 1 dollar.

3 Dollar Hosting Service Plan (Turbo)

For 3 dollars per month, these are some of the premium features you will with the Turbo Plan.

These Features Includes:

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited Email
Litespeed Web Server + Cloudflare Railgun
Unlimited Free SSL Certificate

So as you can see, the turbo plan comes with a Cloudflare Railgun LiteSpeed server for only 3 dollars per month. That’s pretty reasonable for the price.

5 Dollar Hosting Service Plan (Reseller)

With the reseller plan, you have the ability to run your own hosting company and make money. They state that anything technically will be handle by their team. So, it’s like you can run a third party business through there reseller hosting plan and this is alone 5 dollars per month

These Features include:

50 GB Disk Space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Cpanel Accounts
WHMCS and BoxBilling Available
Completely White Label

So with all these wonderful features, you can start a business or blog online for a couple of dollars out of pocket at a cheap premium price.

Customer Service Support 

Dollarhost.culb customer service is not bad. So, as I stated before if you have any issue they are more then happy to help you at any time. They will get to your message within 24 hours or sooner if there is something wrong.

Overall base on there support team, I would give them a 7 out of 10 when it comes to the support area.

Earning Free Hosting Referral Feature

Dollarhost.culb offers the opportunity to refer as many friends as you can to earn points that contribute to free hosting. So the more people you refer to their service the more opportunity you have to gain their free hosting services.

One-Click Installation

Although WordPress is the most popular web-based platform to upload your website, the support other platforms like WHMCS, Prestashop, and Joomla just to name a few. They will handle the technical part of the installation so all you need is a one-click installation and you are good to go.

Secure Server

When you are using their mailing server you are protected with a powerful anti-spam and anti-virus secured server. No Email that is not authentic will not pass through in your mailbox with being monitored and scan.

Payment Method

So when it comes down to the making payments with Dollarhost.club they support Paypal.

There offered a lot more flexible features that can be customizable to your needs. If you need more than what is offered they make it happen for you. They will go over and beyond to suit your needs.


As we can see, Dollarhost.club provides cheap web hosting services from 1 dollar to 5 dollars per month. Base on my experience with them, they are very reliable and helpful with any issue or needs you have with a friendly support team.

A lot of people don’t have 300 USD to spend on their website per year or month. That’s a lot of money in some other countries. So, a 1 dollar hosting service with premium features can get you a long way if you are on a budget.

However, base on my personal experience with this company, they have been great. I had an entertainment website that was averaging 1000 visitors per month for a year and all I paid per month was just 1 dollar, no catch.

I would recommend Dollarhost.culb to anyone on a budget that wants to start their online business. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your website up and running.

Have you tried Dollarhost.club yet? Let me know when you do in the comments area. I hope this post has helped you in so way.

Nonetheless, this post is for people who are on a budget and want to get their site going with premium features and services at a cheap price.